Happy 4th of July!

It's been awhile since I updated the site. And a LOT of awesome and not so awesome things have happened.

  • Last week we had the Artist Trunk Show, which was a ton of fun. Lots of great new items in from the ladies that participated. Hopefully we can start doing similar events monthly!
  • The new window is up and it's probably my favorite so far. Come check it out!
  • Sad news, my scooter was stolen from out front of the store. I'm super bummed about it and hope it gets returned soon.
  • Lots of new consignments and I'm expecting a bunch of new stuff in later today as well!
  • July 4th weekend is coming up, and I LOVE fireworks.

On that last note, we'll be closed Sunday so I can enjoy two luxurious days off to swim and watch fireworks and have fun! Have a great weekend you all!

Lost scooter info after the jump...

  • 2004 Honda Metro II
  • Taken sometime Tuesday night from out front of the store.
  • Red and white with windshield, front basket, rear luggage rack.
  • Has around 3,300 miles on it.
  • Bunny smoking a cigarette sticker on the rear side panel.
  • Missing the plastic bit around the ignition.

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