Artist Trunk Show - June 23rd

This Thursday we're going to have a trunk show at Blue Elephant! It will feature local artists that make and sell personal accessories here in the store. Work by Kat McEachern, Ali Cross, Claire Berry, and Liz Ritsick! Come check out their new items, talk to the artists, and enjoy free refreshments compliments of Blue Elephant. We will also have a special sale for those who attend, 10% off all store item purchases.

Hope you can join us!


June 16th Consignments

More new things in! Also, next Thursday we will be having an event here at Blue Elephant. Check back soon for more info!

vintage toothpick holders


June 10th Consignments

Everyone is bringing in amazing stuff. So hard to resist taking it all home with me!

robertshaw-fulton clock circa 1950


Vintage Toasters

I don't know if you guys remember the movie The Brave Little Toaster, but to this day vacuuming over the vacuum cord freaks me out. Anyway, the toaster in the movie was modeled after the 1950's Toastmaster toaster. We have one in working condition that's been consigned with us! We also have a couple of very cute vintage toaster covers in right now. If I didn't have a Hello Kitty toaster, I'd probably snatch this guy up for myself. Toaster covers after the jump!


June 1st Consignments

This batch of consignments comes from Lauren of Vinyl Conflict Record Store. She has an amazing collection vintage items that she's bringing to me in rounds. So awesome!

flock of birds needlepoint pillow