Gungho Guides

I was hanging out on the porch one night last summer when my neighbor Drew came over for a visit. We had a conversation about the opening of Blue Elephant and similar quirky businesses that already existed in Richmond. You know, Chop Suey, Halcyon, and the like. Drew threw out the term "hipsterpreneur" and we joked about how there should be a local business group and stickers on shop doors proclaiming, "This Business is Hipster Approved." Well, Gungho Guides have basically done that.

Think of a mall map. But instead of a map of a mall in the suburbs filled with chains, it's a map of the city of Richmond filled with awesome local shops/restaurants/entertainment/venues. It's kind of amazing. You should check out their online companion site or pick up a free map next time you visit us here at Blue Elephant.

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