Map Interiors

I thought I'd share some photos I pulled from Pinterest for inspiration on using vintage maps to decorate.


1800's Maps

A bunch of antique maps from the 1800's were brought in the other day. Some are matted and include subjects like The Polar Region, Africa, and Washington DC. Others are loose and would be great for framing or a project. I could definitely see decoupaging something with these creased and worn maps.

Check out this article from Apartment Therapy on decorating with maps.


Weekend Fun & 1960's Sofa (SOLD)

This past week has been a busy one. Last weekend was great and we gave away a ton of hankies (still have some left!). We also saw the beautiful teak dining room set in the back leave us with someone who was super excited about the purchase. Yesterday I had to move some things around, put some more stuff out, including a 1960's sofa that I'm in love with. Taxes, spring cleaning, etc has left me a bit tired. But this weekend has so many amazing things going on...


A Springtime Gift

I'm loving these warm temperatures, not so much the allergies that come with them. 

While supplies last, I'll give you the gift of a hankie with any purchase over $20. At least then you can be stylish while you sneeze!


Confetti System

New window is up! I went crazy with tissue paper, and I love the overall effect. Come visit me and check it out.

Confetti System provided the inspiration for this month's window. They're a duo of artists based in New York that create objects and designs out of everyday items such as tissue paper, cardboard, and fabric.


Rainy Day Post

I took a break from doing inventory to have a coffee and a cinnamon bun. You should know Montana Gold Bread Co. has the best cinnamon buns. I also took some photos.


Joan Miro Pochoir

I spent a few hours this afternoon researching a print titled L'ete by Joan Miro that was published in Verve in 1938. Verve was an art quarterly that was published in Paris and this specific volume, Vol. 1 No. 3 (October - December), featured colored lithographs of the four seasons by the artists Miro, Chagall, Rattner, and Klee. 

What we have for sale at Blue Elephant is a page taken from Verve. The side you see is the pochoir, or stencil, that is signed within the piece in the lower left hand corner. On the reverse side of this is a black and white lithograph that includes the title of the piece and another signature within the plate. As it came from a publication, Miro did not sign this in his own hand and the lithography work for this edition of Verve is credited to Mourlot Freres.


Military Inspired Brooches

Kat from Percent made these military inspired grosgrain ribbon and vintage jewelry brooches. I spotted her wearing one at a party this past weekend, and was thrilled when she told me she had made some to sell in the store. They're $8 a piece, or three for $20 (they look great clustered on a blazer). If you're crafty, check out her website on how to make your own!