Swedish Tray (SOLD)

This wooden tray was made in Sweden by Konga Princesse and features a beautiful blue print of potted herbs on the front surface. If you are as enamoured with it as I am, I suggest you snatch it up! Searching around the internet I haven't been able to find anything quite like it.

Measures 18 x 22 inches and costs $49.


Anthology Magazine

Anthology Magazine is a new quarterly print magazine. It's the only magazine I subscribe to and I love it, even if it does take awhile to get it in the mail. The first issue is the one above and I'm now eagerly awaiting the Winter 2011 issue to arrive.


Danish Chair (SOLD)

I don't really know what to write about this chair. Except that it is AH-MAZING. Seriously, I don't know why it's still here. I would buy it for myself but I can't buy everything that comes into Blue Elephant (sad times).

It's a vintage chair but the seat is newly reupholstered. New batting and foam make it super comfy to sit on.

Did I mention it's only $74.50?

Read on for extra pictures!


Mid Century Record Cabinet (SOLD)

A lot of people have been eyeing this record cabinet. And now it's on sale for $149.

Read on for more pics.


Online Store

I've set up an account with Big Cartel to open an online store for Blue Elephant. It's a great way to see individual items we have, versus the general and furniture photos I post to our Facebook. If you see something you like, but don't want to pay for shipping, you can of course purchase an item in store instead.

It will mostly feature smaller vintage items that we have. I'll try and update it with new items as we get them in. Check it out by clicking on the "Shop Online" tab I've added to the top.


Window Displays & Pinterest

I'm really glad we have an actual window to dress here at Blue Elephant. My brother is in charge of the window display, but I like to suggest different ideas to him and we usually sit down and sketch out ideas together. Many of the things I incorporate into the window are inspired from photos I find on a new site called Pinterest.

This site basically bookmarks photos for you and you can write a note and save it into different categories you create. There are a few sites like this, but Pinterest seems to cater to those in the creative field. You can follow other people so that their pins show up on your main page, and pouring through everyone's pins gives me a lot of good ideas to share with Johnny.

Check out Pinterest AND our new window! Sneak peeks of the new window after the jump...