Salt & Honey

Salt & Honey are a pair of local artists who create beautiful custom terrariums.

Here at Blue Elephant we have two examples of their work. The Mr. Solo Dolo is a very sweet little terrarium with spring moss inside a glass bird topped vessel. In comparison, the Sea Lion in a huge affair comprised of purple passion vine, club moss, and assorted ferns within a large apothecary vessel.

Read on for more info and pricing!

Both of the terrariums we have are easy to care for. The directions were: keep covered and out of direct sunlight. No watering and if condensation builds up on the inside of the glass, remove the top for a little while till it dissipates. This is a good thing as I have a tendency to kill plants in my care.

As for pricing, it depends on how large a terrarium and what plants you'd like. The Mr. Solo Dolo would be priced at around $25 and the Sea Lion at around $85.

Sometime in the near feature, Salt & Honey will be opening an online shop. For now you can email them at saltandhoney.jar@gmail.com for any orders or questions!

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