Olivetti Underwood Typewriter (SOLD)

This is a Olivetti Underwood Studio 44 portable manual typewriter (what a mouthful). 

Manufactured in the 1960's in Barcelona, these typewriters are highly collectable. Ours is a grayish blue and comes with it's original case, an extra ink ribbon, and a cleaning tool kit. The typewriter is in excellent working condition.


Salt & Honey

Salt & Honey are a pair of local artists who create beautiful custom terrariums.

Here at Blue Elephant we have two examples of their work. The Mr. Solo Dolo is a very sweet little terrarium with spring moss inside a glass bird topped vessel. In comparison, the Sea Lion in a huge affair comprised of purple passion vine, club moss, and assorted ferns within a large apothecary vessel.

Read on for more info and pricing!


Valentine's Day Cards

New cards were dropped off yesterday from Black Dog Printing.

"I've met my match..." is my favorite. Come visit and see the assortment!

Each Valentine's Day card is $3.


Singer Sew Handy (SOLD)

We're back to normal schedule now that I don't feel like I'm being stabbed in the kidney!

This week's featured item is a vintage Singer Sew Handy children's portable sewing machine from the 1960's. It's in working order and in pretty good condition. It does have a small burn mark on the exterior of the bottom, but that's the only major flaw. It's super cute and $37.50 right now and will soon (on 1/26) be only $25. 


Blue Elephant Closed Until Next Week

Jessica's kidney stones are really throwing her for a loop. If any of you have ever had any, I'm sure you can relate to the discomfort she's going through. She's been giving it a good try to keep Blue Elephant open, but I think she now needs some time to rest and recuperate. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope to see you soon. Thank you all for your patience and understanding!