One Year Anniversary Sale

Blue Elephant is going to be a year old this weekend! Thanks so much to everyone that's helped/shopped/supported Blue Elephant over the past year. To celebrate we're going to have a huge sale!

25% off all items (except handmade pieces by local artists) and, while larger items will be marked down in price as well, feel free to bargain with me for even lower prices!

Since Monday is Labor Day, Blue Elephant will also be open Sunday from noon to 5pm!

Hope to see you all soon!


Summer Vacation

I'm leaving for the beach tonight! Blue Elephant will be closed Monday the 8th through at least Friday the 12th, maybe Saturday the 13th. Hope you all are enjoying your summer as well! See you when I get back. - Jessica


Weekend Sale

This Friday and Saturday we're having a sale at Blue Elephant to make room for new items. 15% off all of our items including furniture and art! The only things that are excluded from this sale are consigned pieces and work from local artists and crafters. Check out the Facebook event page for more info!


July 7th Consignments

Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July! This is the first of two batches, so check back tomorrow for more photos.

tea & snacks set


Happy 4th of July!

It's been awhile since I updated the site. And a LOT of awesome and not so awesome things have happened.

  • Last week we had the Artist Trunk Show, which was a ton of fun. Lots of great new items in from the ladies that participated. Hopefully we can start doing similar events monthly!
  • The new window is up and it's probably my favorite so far. Come check it out!
  • Sad news, my scooter was stolen from out front of the store. I'm super bummed about it and hope it gets returned soon.
  • Lots of new consignments and I'm expecting a bunch of new stuff in later today as well!
  • July 4th weekend is coming up, and I LOVE fireworks.

On that last note, we'll be closed Sunday so I can enjoy two luxurious days off to swim and watch fireworks and have fun! Have a great weekend you all!

Lost scooter info after the jump...


Artist Trunk Show - June 23rd

This Thursday we're going to have a trunk show at Blue Elephant! It will feature local artists that make and sell personal accessories here in the store. Work by Kat McEachern, Ali Cross, Claire Berry, and Liz Ritsick! Come check out their new items, talk to the artists, and enjoy free refreshments compliments of Blue Elephant. We will also have a special sale for those who attend, 10% off all store item purchases.

Hope you can join us!


June 16th Consignments

More new things in! Also, next Thursday we will be having an event here at Blue Elephant. Check back soon for more info!

vintage toothpick holders


June 10th Consignments

Everyone is bringing in amazing stuff. So hard to resist taking it all home with me!

robertshaw-fulton clock circa 1950


Vintage Toasters

I don't know if you guys remember the movie The Brave Little Toaster, but to this day vacuuming over the vacuum cord freaks me out. Anyway, the toaster in the movie was modeled after the 1950's Toastmaster toaster. We have one in working condition that's been consigned with us! We also have a couple of very cute vintage toaster covers in right now. If I didn't have a Hello Kitty toaster, I'd probably snatch this guy up for myself. Toaster covers after the jump!


June 1st Consignments

This batch of consignments comes from Lauren of Vinyl Conflict Record Store. She has an amazing collection vintage items that she's bringing to me in rounds. So awesome!

flock of birds needlepoint pillow



My mother and I talked back and forth about selling Envirosax at Blue Elephant. A couple weeks ago we went ahead and placed an order and they're now available for purchase! You can buy them individually for $8.95 or as a set of five for $39.95. If you check out our Facebook page, I have an album with each kind that is currently available.

We had differing views on what we would use these bags for, and I thought it was an interesting comparison.

Me: going to the river, visiting farmer's markets, running down to the corner market, lugging school books/supplies to and from campus

Mom: grocery shopping


Gungho Guides

I was hanging out on the porch one night last summer when my neighbor Drew came over for a visit. We had a conversation about the opening of Blue Elephant and similar quirky businesses that already existed in Richmond. You know, Chop Suey, Halcyon, and the like. Drew threw out the term "hipsterpreneur" and we joked about how there should be a local business group and stickers on shop doors proclaiming, "This Business is Hipster Approved." Well, Gungho Guides have basically done that.

Think of a mall map. But instead of a map of a mall in the suburbs filled with chains, it's a map of the city of Richmond filled with awesome local shops/restaurants/entertainment/venues. It's kind of amazing. You should check out their online companion site or pick up a free map next time you visit us here at Blue Elephant.


Strawberry Street Festival

This Saturday is the annual William Fox Elementary Strawberry Street Festival! They have lots of cool stuff going on: art and craft vendors, food, music, a book sale. You should totally go, and then visit us at Blue Elephant!

More info on the festival can be found here.


Mid-century Modern Furniture

teak dresser with brass hardware (SOLD)

two piece china cabinet

record cabinet/bench (SOLD)



Unique Potholders

If you ever wanted a dinosaur potholder...

Or a pig potholder...

We have about 20 vintage potholders. They're pretty ah-mazing. And only $4 a piece.


Designing with Gold

Looking over Pinterest, it would appear I have an obsession with gold metallics right now. Last month's window we used the tissue paper image I found as inspiration for our own wall covering.

Other gold objects I pinned would be...



Wooden Torchieres

People ask me if it's hard to resist the temptation to keep things for myself. This would be one of those instances.

We have a pair of antique hand-carved wooden torchieres on sale for $350. They are a little over 30 inches in height and weigh a ton. I don't know much else about them as there are no markings that I could find.

More photos after the jump.


Cookbooks & House Keeping Guides

We have about 20 cookbooks and house keeping guides from the 1960's in right now. The illustrations are the best part. All are between $2 and $3.


Kitchen Canister Sets

We have a few sets of vintage canisters in right now ranging from the 1950's through the 1970's. I'm especially fond of the teal and aluminum set, but they're all very cute and functional. Even if you don't use them for their intended purpose they make for great storage.

Read on for pricing and more photos!


Map Interiors

I thought I'd share some photos I pulled from Pinterest for inspiration on using vintage maps to decorate.


1800's Maps

A bunch of antique maps from the 1800's were brought in the other day. Some are matted and include subjects like The Polar Region, Africa, and Washington DC. Others are loose and would be great for framing or a project. I could definitely see decoupaging something with these creased and worn maps.

Check out this article from Apartment Therapy on decorating with maps.


Weekend Fun & 1960's Sofa (SOLD)

This past week has been a busy one. Last weekend was great and we gave away a ton of hankies (still have some left!). We also saw the beautiful teak dining room set in the back leave us with someone who was super excited about the purchase. Yesterday I had to move some things around, put some more stuff out, including a 1960's sofa that I'm in love with. Taxes, spring cleaning, etc has left me a bit tired. But this weekend has so many amazing things going on...


A Springtime Gift

I'm loving these warm temperatures, not so much the allergies that come with them. 

While supplies last, I'll give you the gift of a hankie with any purchase over $20. At least then you can be stylish while you sneeze!


Confetti System

New window is up! I went crazy with tissue paper, and I love the overall effect. Come visit me and check it out.

Confetti System provided the inspiration for this month's window. They're a duo of artists based in New York that create objects and designs out of everyday items such as tissue paper, cardboard, and fabric.


Rainy Day Post

I took a break from doing inventory to have a coffee and a cinnamon bun. You should know Montana Gold Bread Co. has the best cinnamon buns. I also took some photos.


Joan Miro Pochoir

I spent a few hours this afternoon researching a print titled L'ete by Joan Miro that was published in Verve in 1938. Verve was an art quarterly that was published in Paris and this specific volume, Vol. 1 No. 3 (October - December), featured colored lithographs of the four seasons by the artists Miro, Chagall, Rattner, and Klee. 

What we have for sale at Blue Elephant is a page taken from Verve. The side you see is the pochoir, or stencil, that is signed within the piece in the lower left hand corner. On the reverse side of this is a black and white lithograph that includes the title of the piece and another signature within the plate. As it came from a publication, Miro did not sign this in his own hand and the lithography work for this edition of Verve is credited to Mourlot Freres.


Military Inspired Brooches

Kat from Percent made these military inspired grosgrain ribbon and vintage jewelry brooches. I spotted her wearing one at a party this past weekend, and was thrilled when she told me she had made some to sell in the store. They're $8 a piece, or three for $20 (they look great clustered on a blazer). If you're crafty, check out her website on how to make your own!


Swedish Tray (SOLD)

This wooden tray was made in Sweden by Konga Princesse and features a beautiful blue print of potted herbs on the front surface. If you are as enamoured with it as I am, I suggest you snatch it up! Searching around the internet I haven't been able to find anything quite like it.

Measures 18 x 22 inches and costs $49.


Anthology Magazine

Anthology Magazine is a new quarterly print magazine. It's the only magazine I subscribe to and I love it, even if it does take awhile to get it in the mail. The first issue is the one above and I'm now eagerly awaiting the Winter 2011 issue to arrive.


Danish Chair (SOLD)

I don't really know what to write about this chair. Except that it is AH-MAZING. Seriously, I don't know why it's still here. I would buy it for myself but I can't buy everything that comes into Blue Elephant (sad times).

It's a vintage chair but the seat is newly reupholstered. New batting and foam make it super comfy to sit on.

Did I mention it's only $74.50?

Read on for extra pictures!


Mid Century Record Cabinet (SOLD)

A lot of people have been eyeing this record cabinet. And now it's on sale for $149.

Read on for more pics.


Online Store

I've set up an account with Big Cartel to open an online store for Blue Elephant. It's a great way to see individual items we have, versus the general and furniture photos I post to our Facebook. If you see something you like, but don't want to pay for shipping, you can of course purchase an item in store instead.

It will mostly feature smaller vintage items that we have. I'll try and update it with new items as we get them in. Check it out by clicking on the "Shop Online" tab I've added to the top.


Window Displays & Pinterest

I'm really glad we have an actual window to dress here at Blue Elephant. My brother is in charge of the window display, but I like to suggest different ideas to him and we usually sit down and sketch out ideas together. Many of the things I incorporate into the window are inspired from photos I find on a new site called Pinterest.

This site basically bookmarks photos for you and you can write a note and save it into different categories you create. There are a few sites like this, but Pinterest seems to cater to those in the creative field. You can follow other people so that their pins show up on your main page, and pouring through everyone's pins gives me a lot of good ideas to share with Johnny.

Check out Pinterest AND our new window! Sneak peeks of the new window after the jump...


Olivetti Underwood Typewriter (SOLD)

This is a Olivetti Underwood Studio 44 portable manual typewriter (what a mouthful). 

Manufactured in the 1960's in Barcelona, these typewriters are highly collectable. Ours is a grayish blue and comes with it's original case, an extra ink ribbon, and a cleaning tool kit. The typewriter is in excellent working condition.


Salt & Honey

Salt & Honey are a pair of local artists who create beautiful custom terrariums.

Here at Blue Elephant we have two examples of their work. The Mr. Solo Dolo is a very sweet little terrarium with spring moss inside a glass bird topped vessel. In comparison, the Sea Lion in a huge affair comprised of purple passion vine, club moss, and assorted ferns within a large apothecary vessel.

Read on for more info and pricing!


Valentine's Day Cards

New cards were dropped off yesterday from Black Dog Printing.

"I've met my match..." is my favorite. Come visit and see the assortment!

Each Valentine's Day card is $3.