Vintage Radios

This week's featured item is a 1950's Motorola tube radio and clock. It plugs in and the radio and clock work, but please note they only had AM when this item was made!

My brother and I were discussing this radio, and it reminded us that they had vintage inspired radios at Anthropologie a while back.

Because I love researching things, I've compiled a list of radios that are aesthetically pleasing and provide modern functions. 

You can buy our original 1950's radio for $75, or try one of these updated versions. Photos link to a site that has the item pictured for sale. 

My favorite is the Singgih Kartono Magno Wooden Radio. It's beautifully crafted from sustainable wood by local artisans in Indonesia and has an mp3 device input... Hello Christmas!

I like the apple green/white combination on this Tivoli Model One Table AM/FM radio. It comes in a variety of color combinations and is iPod compatible.

This little portable radio is made by Roberts Revival and is an exclusive at Anthropologie. It comes in a variety of colors, features gold plated fittings, and is iPod compatible.

This little wooden radio by Sangean is available at Urban Outfitters and also features an iPod plugin.

Crosley makes a variety of vintage inspired electronics (remember the record player I need in my life?). This Solo radio is very masculine but exudes vintage charm and modern functionality. It's also the cheapest of the bunch at $99.

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