Polaroid Cameras for EVERYONE

Today I had a woman drop off a bunch of things to consign, including seven polaroid cameras. I have not tested any of these and can NOT guarantee that they work. The current prices reflect this. If at some point they are tested and proven to work, the prices may increase. Also keep in mind, these items are consigned. Each photo caption includes the full price. After December 23rd the price will be cut by 25%. After January 22nd, the original price will be cut 50%. Example:

Polaroid J66 Land Camera with case $80
After December 23rd, this camera will be $60. After January 22nd, it will be $40. Check out the other six after the jump!

Polaroid Colorpack II with case (not pictured) $60

Polaroid Automatic 104 Land Camera $65

Polaroid Sun660 $40

Polaroid Zip Land Camera $30

Polaroid J66 Land Camera $50

Polaroid Land Camera Sears Edition $35

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  1. p.s. sorry for the blurry photos. no flash, manual focus, and shaky hands