Non-Gender Specific Art

One of my goals in life is to get guy friends to buy art for their abodes. Usually I get a lame response about not wanting "girly" art prints on their fortress of solitude's walls, and then I post a barrage of links on their Facebook wall to what I call MAN ART. But really, it's just art anyone could appreciate.

Like this print by Olly Moss for A Life Well Wasted: An Internet Radio Show About Videogames and the People Who Love Them. ... That sounds pretty man-oriented to me. And as a woman, I like this print. A lot.

Search for prints, posters, and photographs of things you're into. Buy them. Frame and hang them (do not stick them to the wall with tape)! Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy them.

Clicking photos links you to where they can be found online. More after the jump!

Screen printed poster by Tim Doyle entitled, The Sea Also Rises: Incident 2 - The Sinking of the Agamemnon. Found on Nakatomi Inc's site, their goal is to bring affordable art to the nerd masses.

Show some love for your city and support local artists! Like this guy I found on etsy.com, CWFessler. He's from Richmond and enjoys photographing things in and around the city.

This kind of embodies everything I'm in love with right now: art print, mustard color, vintage item. Yet another etsy find and, while not local, I'm pretty sure the artist must have lived in Richmond at some point (maybe a past life?).

One of my brother's favorite print shops is Tugboat. They specialize in wood block prints and their website is worth checking out just to see how this process works.

And lastly, one of my favorite photographers is Helmet Newton. His prints are expensive, but you can always buy one of his books and frame the prints from it.

Thanks to my friend Robin for inspiring me to write this piece. He has an old Victorian home with high ceilings and expansive walls. And no idea of how to display art. I mentioned using groupings or a triptych and got a blank look, so I'll explain real quick. If you have large walls, and don't want to create a grouping of photos, you can divide a print into multiple panels. The most popular is the triptych, which is just a fancy way of saying three panels. Examples:



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  1. How can one not know the word "triptych?" ;) Great post, a service to all...