Happy Thanksgiving!

And come see us this weekend for our sidewalk sale!

Cleaning out the storage room means low prices on vintage linens, cloth, table ware, serving ware, dishware, ceramics, knick-knacks, and more.

Marking down prices on select furniture pieces.

Free cars!... Just kidding, we're no Oprah.

Thanks to everyone that's helped me at the store, with the store, visited the store, spread the word, consigned with us, and in general been super awesome amazing and supported us. Really do appreciate it all!


Polaroid Cameras for EVERYONE

Today I had a woman drop off a bunch of things to consign, including seven polaroid cameras. I have not tested any of these and can NOT guarantee that they work. The current prices reflect this. If at some point they are tested and proven to work, the prices may increase. Also keep in mind, these items are consigned. Each photo caption includes the full price. After December 23rd the price will be cut by 25%. After January 22nd, the original price will be cut 50%. Example:

Polaroid J66 Land Camera with case $80
After December 23rd, this camera will be $60. After January 22nd, it will be $40. Check out the other six after the jump!

Robots & Rainbows

The sweetest handcrafted stuffed animals came in. Their names are Beatrice, Robert, and Tom and were made with love by Jenna of Robots & Rainbows.

Read on for more cuteness and pricing!


Vintage Radios

This week's featured item is a 1950's Motorola tube radio and clock. It plugs in and the radio and clock work, but please note they only had AM when this item was made!

My brother and I were discussing this radio, and it reminded us that they had vintage inspired radios at Anthropologie a while back.

Because I love researching things, I've compiled a list of radios that are aesthetically pleasing and provide modern functions. 


Vintage Trunk (Made in RVA!) (SOLD)

Made in Richmond around 1910, this vintage wardrobe steamer  trunk made its way to an owner in Winchester, Virginia. Clearly he used the trunk for its intended purpose as a sticker on the side proclaims, "Spend your winter in Cuba, stop at Hotel Plaza Havana." ... That sounds nice.

For all this trunk's use it is in remarkably good condition and has retained all its original drawers, hangers, and keys. It does need some love and would be worth restoring.

Check out after the jump for more photos, info, and price!


Black Dog Printing

I heart collecting cards and stationary (it's the 1/4 Japanese in me), and was thrilled when these cards came in. Hand made by local artists on recycled paper, they're perfect for any occasion and come in a variety of prints. Check out Black Dog Printing's blog or website for more information about the creators!


Non-Gender Specific Art

One of my goals in life is to get guy friends to buy art for their abodes. Usually I get a lame response about not wanting "girly" art prints on their fortress of solitude's walls, and then I post a barrage of links on their Facebook wall to what I call MAN ART. But really, it's just art anyone could appreciate.

Like this print by Olly Moss for A Life Well Wasted: An Internet Radio Show About Videogames and the People Who Love Them. ... That sounds pretty man-oriented to me. And as a woman, I like this print. A lot.

Search for prints, posters, and photographs of things you're into. Buy them. Frame and hang them (do not stick them to the wall with tape)! Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy them.

Clicking photos links you to where they can be found online. More after the jump!