Things We Heart #2

Mmm, mustard. Not only is it a delicious condiment, it's a delicious color too. Check out some mustard colored items I heart after the jump.

This is the best skirt ever. It's from Anthropologie and costs $98 and it's the most comfortable cute skirt ever. I just bought it last weekend. You can buy it on Anthropologie's website or in their stores, although when I bought mine out at Stony Point they only had a couple left.

Oh this kitchen. I love it so much I'm going to copy screenwriter John Patrick Shanley and paint my kitchen cupboards yellow too. Actually, the piece this photo is from was a good read about color choices in the home. You can read it here on New York Times' site.

To tie my house together I'd throw this mustard colored lamp or this beautiful patterned rug somewhere. The lamp can be found here, and at $5000 is perfect for my future house... The rug is from Anthropologie and you can find it here online. Apartment Therapy didn't tell me anything about the chair bellow, but the wallpaper can be found here.

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