Oft Asked Question: Where do you get your stuff?

We have three categories in which our items fall: consignments, art, or finds.

local consignors
Consignments are items people don't want or need anymore, and we provide the service of selling these things. Example: You have a great chair in your bedroom, but when you repaint, it totally clashes with the wall color. Your chair is awesome and you love it, but it's just not working anymore. You can try and sell it yourself or you can bring it to us and we'll sell it for you.

The consignment agreement under "Consign With Us" goes into more detail, but basically we give you 50% of the sale price and the other 50% goes to us for marketing, selling, and housing your consigned items. Most consigned items are marked down every month for three months. So let's say your chair started at $100. After a month, if it hasn't sold, it'll be marked down 25% to $75. The next month it will be marked down 50% to $50.

If you're browsing the store and find something you love, but you can't afford the initial price, check the back of the price tag to see if and when the markdowns go into effect.

local artists
The second category is art. One of the more important aspects of Blue Elephant is providing a commercial space for local artists and crafters to sell their works. This includes everything from jewelry, hair accessories, pottery, and furniture to mixed media framed art, paintings, and prints. The prices on these items are firm.

The last category is finds. This encompasses everything we purchase from local salvage yards, thrift stores, yard sales, auctions, estate sales, etc. Because smaller items move quicker, many of the things on our shelves fall into this category. We need more people to consign knick-knacks! The prices on these items are firm, but we do anticipate having a sidewalk sale every few months to make room for new inventory.
local finds

In all three categories, most everything is from Virginia, if not Richmond itself.

We're a small local business and want to keep it that way!


  1. How much is that consigned item pictured above?

  2. The hoosier cabinet is currently $800 but in two days, on the 8th, it will be $600.