Oft Asked Question: Do you all reupholster things?

I wish one of us knew how to reupholster furniture. It would make redecorating the house so much easier. But since that's a skill neither my brother nor I possess, we recommend you check out u-fab!

u-fab is located at 106 S. Robinson. They have an amazing collection of affordable fabrics for sale and offer reasonable pricing on reupholstery services. To get a quote on an item, all you need to do is email them a photo of what you want redone at estimate@ufabstore.com. Generally, sofas will cost around $800 and upholstered chairs around $400 to have reupholstered. Everyone I've talked to that works there has been friendly and knowledgable, and I'm happy any time I can recommend their services.

Now, there are a few times when it's not necessary to pay someone to reupholster an item. For example, seat cushions. They're amazingly easy to do and can really liven up a boring desk or dining chair. A few tips though.

Pick an upholstery fabric. You need something that can stand the test of time (many people sitting).

The more organic a print, the easier it will be to reupholster. If the print is very structured you're going to spend a lot of time making sure everything lines up correctly.

To reupholster you're going to need pliers, fabric, and a staple gun ($15 at a hardware store).

You're going to:

1. Unscrew the seat cover with a screwdriver.
2. Remove the existing fabric by removing the staples with pliers.
3. Cut a swatch of fabric that's a few inches bigger than the actual seat cover.
4. Pull the fabric firm and start stapling it in place around the edges of the bottom with the staple gun.
5. When you get to corners, fold an edge over to get a small crease and staple it down.
6. Screw your new seat cover back in place.

Just make sure you don't pull too hard on the fabric or it'll distort the fabric and batting/foam (soft stuff). And it's easier for you if you try to keep the screw holes uncovered, although you can always cut a hole at the end if you do cover them up by accident.

Seat cushions are pretty easy and cheap to do. And u-fab has the necessary skills to reupholster a sofa or chair for a reasonable price. So go forth and update sad seating!

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  1. i LOVE UFab!!!!!!!!!!!! Great fabrics for great prices. And they're in the fan!!!!!!