Featured Item of the Week: Vintage Luggage

I use a yellow 1940's Amelia Earhart suitcase for trips to Northern Virginia or weekend get-aways. Every time I take the train or fly I receive compliments on it. Vintage luggage also makes for really cute storage. I use mine to store travel bags for toiletries, etc., and it's just tucked into a corner of my bedroom. Modern luggage is necessary, but vintage luggage has its uses (and is waaay more stylish).

Prices vary and are dependent on condition, keys, etc. 

The green set above is $49 for all four pieces and each case has keys.

The dark blue case is $20 and has its keys.

The rest are $10 each.


  1. We would like to purchase some of the suitcases. How to we contact you?

  2. You can email me at Jessica@BlueElephantRVA.com!

  3. OMG...... the green set, is it still available?