Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is a great place to find fresh cut flowers, locally made gift items, and really cute cards. If it's someone's birthday, or anniversary, or you just want to treat yourself to some flowers, please check them out. Not only do I love their store, but everyone that works there has been ridiculously sweet and helpful. No joke, we got flowers and a card from  them when Blue Elephant first opened.

Just another reason I love the 400 block of Strawberry Street!


Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture (SOLD)

Which apparently doesn't help at all.

We have an original Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera with it's original cowhide leather case. And it does work! Check out my test polaroids, an instructional video from the 70's, and a link to where I bought polaroid film after the jump.


Vintage Aprons

Bake and clean in style ladies! And maybe lads? Vintage aprons are all $16 and under.

Check out more aprons by clicking the photo above.


Handmade Pillows by Olga Perfilieva

Olga may be new to Richmond, but we're already big fans of her work. Down and feather inserts, 100% wool felt from Maharam kvadrat, cutouts done by hand. You just need to touch the pillow to feel the quality of materials and craftsmanship.

In the artist's own words:
Just in-time for cold weather, these stunning wool felt hand-made pillows will add the perfect splash of color to any d├ęcor.

The removable cover is made exclusively of Maharam kvadrat 100% wool felt. Intricate cut-outs expose another layer of fabric in a vivid complementing color. Delicate design and inside-out seams pair with unfinished edges to showcase the unique attributes of quality felt.
So come in and check out her fabulous pillows. And check out her blog on design as well, which is a daily read for us now.


1950's Aqua Oscillating Fans (SOLD)

Here in Richmond, our summers, and sometimes spring and fall too, can be hot. And because a lot of us live in older Victorian homes, fans are a necessity. While temperatures are cooling off outside finally, I can easily say that you'll probably be needing a fan at some point next year. This week we are featuring a pair of super cute 1950's oscillating table fans in aqua blue. The larger was produced by Dominion ($80) and the smaller by Eskimo ($49).


What's playing on your iPod?

It changes. For the most part I just have my iPod on shuffle, so it will go from The B-52's to Smith to Passion Pit. But this week I've been playing a lot of Mark Ronson. He just released a new album, Record Collection, and I love every single song. I never  understood why he wasn't more popular as an artist in the US. Oh, and if you didn't already know, he's Samantha Ronson's brother. You know, that chick that dated Lindsay Lohan? Yeah.

Anyways, check out some of his videos below and buy the cd. Or record.

I would also like everyone to know I have a huge hipster crush on him. Would marry in a heart beat (as long as he doesn't suck in person).


Record Players

I used to have one in my bedroom growing up, and for the past few years I've had it in my mind that I wanted a record player for the house. And now I've found exactly what I want. And it's my birthday next month.

Urban Outfitters has a Crosley Portable USB Turntable for sale. From everything I've read, it's pretty fantastic. Good sound (built in!), portable, easy software for mac and pc (if you want to download the music), and I adore the two-tone case. At $160 it's pretty pricey, but for something frivolous as a birthday gift, I think it's a fair price.

The part that makes me really excited though is having an excuse to browse for records. I live in Oregon Hill with Vinyl Conflict up the street. I work in the Fan and have Deep Grove Records over on Robinson. And there's Plan 9 in Carytown, RecordFinders in that weird area in between Scott's Addition/Jackson Ward, and the newly opened Steady Sounds on Broad. Never mind the large amount of records for sale at thrift stores. It's gonna be fun!


Oft Asked Question: Do you all reupholster things?

I wish one of us knew how to reupholster furniture. It would make redecorating the house so much easier. But since that's a skill neither my brother nor I possess, we recommend you check out u-fab!


Featured Item of the Week: Vintage Luggage

I use a yellow 1940's Amelia Earhart suitcase for trips to Northern Virginia or weekend get-aways. Every time I take the train or fly I receive compliments on it. Vintage luggage also makes for really cute storage. I use mine to store travel bags for toiletries, etc., and it's just tucked into a corner of my bedroom. Modern luggage is necessary, but vintage luggage has its uses (and is waaay more stylish).


Oft Asked Question: Is your chandelier for sale?


Did you make it?


What's it made out of?

Wire and the ends are paper.

Check out where to get it, and for cheap, after the jump.


Oft Asked Question: Where do you get your stuff?

We have three categories in which our items fall: consignments, art, or finds.

local consignors
Consignments are items people don't want or need anymore, and we provide the service of selling these things. Example: You have a great chair in your bedroom, but when you repaint, it totally clashes with the wall color. Your chair is awesome and you love it, but it's just not working anymore. You can try and sell it yourself or you can bring it to us and we'll sell it for you.

The consignment agreement under "Consign With Us" goes into more detail, but basically we give you 50% of the sale price and the other 50% goes to us for marketing, selling, and housing your consigned items. Most consigned items are marked down every month for three months. So let's say your chair started at $100. After a month, if it hasn't sold, it'll be marked down 25% to $75. The next month it will be marked down 50% to $50.

If you're browsing the store and find something you love, but you can't afford the initial price, check the back of the price tag to see if and when the markdowns go into effect.


Featured Item of the Week: Vintage Keys

There are like, a million things you can do with these. And at $2 a piece, they're something everyone can afford! I used one to make a necklace. I could have bought a key necklace from Urban Outfitters for $18... Just sayin.


Local Artist Love: Michael-Birch Pierce


Blue Elephant is now selling pieces by local artist Michael-Birch Pierce! I first came across Michael-Birch's work at the DIYFest Strange Matter held last spring. While I didn't get into his embroidery workshop, his display was memorable to me because of his use of mixed media and quirky subject matters. Following are a few photos of his work and a Q&A. And make sure to come in and check out the collection!


Things We Heart #2

Mmm, mustard. Not only is it a delicious condiment, it's a delicious color too. Check out some mustard colored items I heart after the jump.