Featured Item of the Week: Ship's Hatch Table (SOLD)

This week we have a coffee table made from a ship's hatch. At first I was going to pretend to be a pirate and add a lot of "Arrrr!"'s to the post. But then I researched it and learned that the hatch is most likely from a WWII Liberty Ship, and that's cool, but kind of the opposite of a pirate.

Liberty ships were used as cargo vessels during WWII and people thought they were ugly. But they make a handsome coffee table. The hatch table consists of three pine planks bound together by a metal band on each end. Apparently they're indestructible, which means if you have kids, want to put it outside, have a dance party on it, etc, you should be fine. Other ones retail from $500+. Ours is $200. What a barrrrrrrgain!

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