Local Business Love: Petites Bouchees

In case you didn't know, it's raining in Richmond today. I hate the rain. It makes me want to stay curled up in bed and not have to mess with my frizzy hair and worry about wearing cute shoes that won't be ruined if I step in a pot hole filled with water up to my knee.

But today got a bit sunnier for me since Veronica from Petites Bouchees stopped by to gift me some cupcakes and macarons! If you've never had their sweets, you need to track them down. I know cupcakes are a popular fad at the moment, but everything that I've had from Petites Bouchees has been exceptional. There is no brick-and-mortar store, but they do take orders and are now selling at The Farmers Market at St. Stephen's (Saturdays from 8am to noon at 6000 Grove Ave).

Check out their site here and I'm going to go eat a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting for lunch.


Local Business Love: Garnett's Cafe

While we have a number of sandwich shops in Richmond, Garnett's is one of my favorites. They have an extensive menu of delicious sandwiches (I love the Croque Florentine) and amazing desserts (apple cake!). I regularly get lunch to go from them since they're only a few blocks down from us on the corner of Park and Meadow, but I like to dine in when I get the chance because their space is decorated perfectly. I'm pretty sure that if I opened or designed a restaurant, Garnett's would be one of my inspirations.

Check out their site here for hours, menus, etc!


Featured Item of the Week: Set of 4 Painted Chairs

This week we have a set of four hand-painted and reupholstered kitchen or dining table chairs. They're kind of perfect. I mean, they're beautiful but neutral, which is kind of hard to do. Things are generally either neutral and boring or awesome and a statement. Obviously you need both though, otherwise you'll end up with a house that says either, "I'm lame," or "I'M SUPER COOL BUT YOU CAN'T REST YOUR EYES BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS KINDA YELLING FOR YOUR ATTENTION." These chairs defy this.


Featured Item of the Week: Ship's Hatch Table (SOLD)

This week we have a coffee table made from a ship's hatch. At first I was going to pretend to be a pirate and add a lot of "Arrrr!"'s to the post. But then I researched it and learned that the hatch is most likely from a WWII Liberty Ship, and that's cool, but kind of the opposite of a pirate.


Pip Pip Cheerio

Poor head, all alone and unadorned. It feels sad and left out. What, with your cute little dress, very smart shoes, sparkly jewelry and what not. "But what about me?" it asks.

I like wearing hats. But maybe that seems too British for you? Try a cute bow or headband! Try a cute bow or headband by Pip Malloy! It will make your head happy.


Fun & Awesome Things Abound

New inventory! A pair of vintage metal bouncy lawn chairs, a mirror that reminds me of cake, the most beautiful bird chair ever, vintage luggage, ladylike handkerchiefs, fun colored dishware, and more.

Darling Octopus has been kind enough to let us sell her beautiful pieces. Come check out a coffee table featured on Design*Sponge, super cute light plates, and the most appropriately themed children's table set we could ever have in the store.

Jewelry by Percent and hair accessories by PipMalloy can be found in our store, but go see them and many other local crafters tomorrow at the Bizarre Market at Richmond's Visual Arts Center.

PS Fingers crossed I can start accepting credit cards today!


Featured Item of the Week: Grandma Dodo's Chair (SOLD)

It belonged to a woman called Grandma Dodo. What else do you need to know?

Oh, and it can be yours for only $125!


Things We Heart #1

Fall is fast approaching but let's take a look at some things that remind us of Spring!

Windows by Josef Frank (textile)


Featured Item of the Week: Vintage Industrial Work Lamps (SOLD)

These lamps are cool. Like, totally awesome cool. We're pretty sure they were handcrafted in the 1950's by the man who used them in his workshop, as there are no manufacturer labels and they are similar in style but very different in materials.

Not everyone can make a lamp. Just rewiring a lamp is hard. But you could always lie and say you made them yourself, because people like people who have skills.

Priced at $50 each.


Blue Elephant, It's Real

We're finally done working on the space and have some "after photos" to show how we've changed the space. Enjoy and stop by to see the space in person!

before and after