Inspiration!: Caravati's

An architectural salvage yard is an awesome place to spend an hour a two digging around. Caravati's in Manchester (across from downtown Richmond), Virginia is one of my favorites. It's a huge two level warehouse filled with columns, bath tubs, windows, doors, light fixtures, door knobs, furniture, etc., that's been salvaged from old area houses and stores. While I love visiting, rarely do I make a purchase. The people that work there are always friendly and there's such an amazing array of things, but I can never bring myself to spend the asking price of their items. I'm sure you could probably haggle, but I have yet to give it a try. For now I just like to visit and get inspired.

Not much to look at outside.

Behold! Treasures!

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  1. I love Caravati's ... It's where lovely architectural elements from bygone days go to await new homes and renewed purpose.