A Reason Not to Use High Gloss Paint

I'm a pretty feminine person. I like wearing dresses, curling my hair in pin curls, painting my nails red... Yesterday was outside my comfort zone. I was wearing jorts, a band shirt, my hair was in a bun, and I had sand and paint all over me.

I spent the day sanding a gigantic set of built in bookshelves. It took, literally, all day and I have only begun to paint. Part of the reason it took so long may be because I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to decorating, but by God if it isn't turning out nicely. Now, I've never sanded anything in my life before. And especially not with a sander. But while a lot of work and dirt, it's pretty neat knowing how to do it now. For anyone like me who has never tried sanding and repainting a large piece of furniture, here's what my process was.

1. Buy a sander. I walked into Lowe's and went over to the power tool section and just kind of stared at sanders till I gave up and called my friend Joe who knows everything. He recommended I get a Black and Decker Mouse, which a small size sander. I made sure to buy various grades of sandpaper that would fit it and an extension cord.

2. Make sure you also have a dust mask and some eye protection. I just wore my eyeglasses, which are huge.

3. Using a rough grain sandpaper on the Mouse, I got to sanding. I started at the top and worked my way down, sanding every surface I could see. Ceiling, sides, back, bottom.

4. Using a pad sander, I went over all the detailed molding around the edges of the bookshelves.

5. Then I sanded again! But with fine grain paper this time.

6. Lastly, I cleaned like crazy. Sanding is really messy. I rubbed down everything with a swiffer, vacuumed up the dust on the ground, used the pointed house attachment to get in the corners, and then used the brush attachment to rub down all the surfaces, again.

Not so pretty.
So much joy at being done! Only to have to tape out everything for painting. I like to torture myself. Moral of this post is, do not paint things in a high gloss paint unless it's necessary, because you're going to spend a lot of time taking it off when you want to paint again.

Tips: wear clothes you don't care about, put your hair up, protect your face, be ready to be bored


  1. Apparently when they were doing the bedroom in the basement the workers were sanding they put water on the walls so there would be no dust. Don't know if it works, but I guess it's too late to try now.

  2. You forgot to add the whole "Leave your friend waiting all day in the paint section." part.