A Reason Not to Use High Gloss Paint

I'm a pretty feminine person. I like wearing dresses, curling my hair in pin curls, painting my nails red... Yesterday was outside my comfort zone. I was wearing jorts, a band shirt, my hair was in a bun, and I had sand and paint all over me.

I spent the day sanding a gigantic set of built in bookshelves. It took, literally, all day and I have only begun to paint. Part of the reason it took so long may be because I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to decorating, but by God if it isn't turning out nicely. Now, I've never sanded anything in my life before. And especially not with a sander. But while a lot of work and dirt, it's pretty neat knowing how to do it now. For anyone like me who has never tried sanding and repainting a large piece of furniture, here's what my process was.


Our Location: 425 Strawberry Street (Yeah!)

First major step is done, we've chosen a location for Blue Elephant! 425 Strawberry is located in Richmond, Virginia's historical Fan District. Right next door are other local stores and restaurants like the Strawberry Street Market, Strawberry Street Cafe, Video Fan, and 8 1/2. We're looking forward to meeting the neighbors and making ourselves a part of the local community.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get ourselves set up and established!